Blood Demon


Embrace the charm of the “Blood Demon” hoodie, adorned with a delightful anime demon with Blood Demon Art. Available in white and sandy hues, let the allure of this enchanting design transport you into the captivating world of anime brilliance.






Anime Inspired

Drawing inspiration from an awe-inspiring anime, we embarked on crafting the “Blood Demon” design. Utilizing the power of AI, we created a dynamic base that captured the essence of this captivating character. Guided by a skilled artist’s discerning eye and passion for the anime, the design underwent meticulous curation and intervention, resulting in a hoodie that brings to life the charm and magic of this amazing anime world.


What is it made of?

Discover the comfort of our hoodies, crafted exclusively from 100% cotton. Embrace softness and quality in every wear.


Colors Available

Experience a spectrum of style with our hoodies, featuring a smaller range of colors from classic white to sand.


We combine Anime with Style

At the heart of our brand lies a steadfast mission: to create clothing that accompanies you seamlessly on all your endeavors while proudly celebrating your favorite show. Our designs effortlessly fuse style and comfort, empowering you to showcase your passion while looking stunningly refined at any occasion.

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Additional information

Dimensions 22 × 32 × 1 in

S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X


W, S